Cold Feet VS Sweaty Palms

Here it goes, my first ever wedding post… So, there is…*checks dream day countdown app* 124 days until my wedding day. That’s 17 more Monday mornings to endure or, for the optimist, 17 lazy Sundays 🙂 . It might sound like a long time but, it feels just around the corner to me. I wanted… Continue reading Cold Feet VS Sweaty Palms

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Disney Hair Envy Is Real

Just wanted to write a little post about something fun and different to usual. 🌟 I don’t know about you but I make a real pig’s ear of pretty much anything to do with my hair. No matter how many YouTube hair tutorials I (try to) follow and no matter how many times I pause,… Continue reading Disney Hair Envy Is Real

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VIKINGS Soundtrack Review

I’ll be reviewing: VIKINGS (2013 – Ongoing) So here we are. Vikings! This for me was a bit of a reluctant watch initially. A friend of mine had ranted and raved about how supreme it was and i’d remained uninterested for quite some time not convinced anything involving Vikings would strike my fancy. How wrong I… Continue reading VIKINGS Soundtrack Review

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Jungle Book Soundtrack Review

I’M REVIEWING: The Jungle Book 2016 Well, the time has finally come. The brand spanking new Jungle Book has finally been released. So I marched my fiancée by the hand and to the cinema we went to watch the greatly anticipated spectacle…. Months ago I was ecstatic to learn that the infamous John Debney had created the… Continue reading Jungle Book Soundtrack Review

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  I’M REVIEWING: Divergent Series: Allegiant, Part 1 (what a mouthful right?) see trailer here It’s time for a cheeky review, so hey there, take a seat and grab yourself a cup of tea. Wait, no it’s Friday…make it a Gin & Tonic you rebel you! The soundtrack i’ll be writing about today is from the latest addition to… Continue reading SOUNDTRACK REVIEW: ALLEGIANT (Joseph Trapanese)

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I Don’t Always See But I Hear

SOUNDTRACKS.SOUNDTRACKS.SOUNDTRACKS *raises hand* Hi there i’m Emma, i’m a self confessed soundtrack fanatic & addict. I have a bizarre skill. Is it a skill? Is it a passion? Maybe a hobby? Did I miss a career boat? I hadn’t actually had any intention of writing anything about this particular part of myself however, I figured since… Continue reading I Don’t Always See But I Hear

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My Gracie Blue

I am the Owner, Founder and Chief Mermaid at Gracie Blue, online boutique based on the beach. I traded the big bad lights of London for the sandy shores of Jersey in April 2014 alongside my now fiancée Christian. We also brought along our 8 week old puppy Floyd for the adventure. The name Gracie Blue… Continue reading My Gracie Blue